General information

This 4-in-1 firmware is valid for

The hardware revision does not affect the function nor the appearance of the device. However, second hardware revision devices require different firmware components than first revision devices. This is why different version numbers are displayed on the website (e.g. 3.71/2.65). When running a firmware upgrade, Philips software version 4.6 or later will always pick proper firmware components for the currently connected device.

To run firmware upgrades with this 4-in-1 firmware you need to use SpeechControl version 4.6 (or later), SpeechMike SDK 4.6 (or later) or PRDM 4.3 (or later).

NOTE: This firmware CAN NOT be used for upgrades of the SpeechMike Premium Touch SMP37xx/SMP38xx

Release notes

SpeechMike 3 and SpeechMike Premium - second hardware revision

V3.76 technical release 2022-07-07

IMPROVEMENT | In some environments the default sampling rate of 22050Hz of the SpeechMike is not accepted and has to be switched to a sampling rate of 44100Hz.
Starting with
SpeechControl (PDCC) V4.6, the software includes a sampling rate switch to support these environments.
This firmware version now supports the new SpeechControl software version and allows switching the sampling rate even during Rec or Play. [SMFW-40]

V3.75 technical release 2021-09-23323

V3.74 technical release 2021-09-02

V3.73 technical release

V3.69 technical release 2020-12-03 (non-published version)

V3.66 technical release 2019-11-08

V3.65 technical release 2019-08-13

SpeechMike 3 and SpeechMike Premium - first hardware revisionon

  • IMPROVEMENT | Implemented a new HID-Command for switching between SM2 <-> SM3/SMP mode.

V2.60 technical release 2018-08-27

  • IMPROVEMENT | Introduction of additional custom keyboard modes:
    • Custom 1 mode: preconfigured for Windows speech recognitionon
    • Custom 2 mode: preconfigured for Dragon on Mac
    • Custom 3 mode: preconfigured for Dragon on Windows
  • IMPROVEMENT | Now left and right mouse button work also in Keyboard mode. String descriptor indexes greater than the allowed ones are filtered now.