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SpeechExec Basic Dictate

Use SpeechExec

Philips hardware devices are designed for compatibility with SpeechExec and can also be used to control the SpeechExec program. For detailed information, refer to the documentation delivered with the device.

Download recordings from a dictation recorder

Use Philips SpeechExec software for automatic download, conversion and routing of files recorded with a PocketMemo or SpeechAir dictation recorder.

  1. Make a recording with the dictation recorder.

  2. Start SpeechExec.

  3. Connect the PocketMemo or SpeechAir recorder to the computer using the USB cable or the USB docking station.

  4. By default, the recordings on the recorder will be downloaded automatically to the computer and moved to the Finished dictations folder of the work list.


How and which files are downloaded after a recorder is connected, can be configured in the Settings menu of SpeechExec or with the Configuration Wizard.


When the recorder is connected to the computer for the first time, Windows detects the new hardware and automatically installs the required drivers. When the installation is complete, Windows may prompt you to restart the computer.

Play back a dictation file

Play back in the worklist window

To start/stop playback, select a dictation file and click the icon_playback-play.png button on the worklist toolbar.

Delete a dictation file

Delete a dictation file entirely

  1. Select the dictation files to be deleted in the work list. To select more than one file, press and hold the Shift key on the keyboard and click the files to be selected.

  2. Click Edit > Delete on the menu bar or press the Delete key on the keyboard to delete the selected dictation files.